We want justice. We crave it. It helps us make sense of our world and assures us that things will be okay. That we will be okay.

But when it comes to criminal justice, justice itself is only as good as the judge hearing the case. If that judge has decent morals and values, strong experience and a good track record, and a deep respect for the law and the people, then citizens can be assured that they’ve done their part to assure justice for all.

When we vote, Judges are near the bottom of the ballot. Hard to understand that—they decide innocence or guilt. Freedom or prison. They decide life or death!  That makes it important for us to look hard at judicial candidates. Judge Sid Harle is asking for our votes for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5. Weighing what we want, let’s take a look at him.


1. Decent morals and values.

(We’re relying on his judgment.)

2.  Strong Experience and a solid track record.

(He must know his job and do it well.)

3.  Respect for the law and for the citizens.

(Without that, how do we trust his judgments?)


1. Decent morals and values. 

Judge Sid Harle’s a native Texan, comes from a ranching family, is a husband, a father, and a man respected in his home and community. He’s received more endorsements than everyone running for the position—and they’re by those respected in their communities.

Perhaps the most revealing to us about Judge Sid’s morals and values is something he did in a courtroom. . .  When a man wrongly imprisoned was proven innocent, Judge Sid Harle stepped down off the bench and handed the man the paper clearing his name, looking at him eye to eye. Why? Because he’d been looked down on too long for something he hadn’t done.

That seems like a small thing—a judge stepping down from the bench to hand an innocent man a piece of paper—but to that man, Judge Sid Harle’s gesture was huge.  And it tells us that he was emotionally invested. He understood the man had been wronged and his pride had been battered, and the judge wanted to do what he could do to restore it. This tells you the kind of man Sid Harle is, and that tells you what you can expect from him as a judge.

2.  Strong experience and a good track record.

Sid Harle has been a judge on the 226th bench for 27 years and ruled on cases from time in prison to the death penalty. That says he has a long track record and broad, extensive experience. But it does not tell us he’s been a good judge. The people impacted, however, saying they got a fair trial does say he’s been a good judge. Tough but fair. Sid Harle confines his rulings to the facts of the case, to the limits of the law.

Experience matters. Equal justice for all matters. Our deepest insight into how good a judge Sid Harle is comes from his track record—ruling on facts and the law—and in his answer to a simple question:

Why are you running for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5?


To protect the citizens.



3.  Deep respect for the law and citizens.


As citizens, we know the dangers of judges who legislate from the bench. Who rule based not on law but on their own beliefs and opinions. We know that those things result in justice for some, not all.

By Judge Sid’s actions and deeds (stepping down off that bench to look an innocent man wronged eye-to-eye; people he’s judged saying he’d been fair) and in his telling answer on why he’s running for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 (to protect citizens), we don’t have to guess. We know Judge Sid Harle has a deep respect for the law and for citizens.

He’s Asking for Our Votes


In examining the facts, we discover that Sid Harle:

  • Has been a judge for 27 years.

  • Is experienced and best qualified for the highest court for criminal cases.

  • Is tough but fair.

  • Limits his rulings to the law.

  • Offers equal justice for all.

  • Respects the Law.

  • Respects Citizens.




1.  Do your research. 

A. Check out the candidates at Vote Smart Texas. http://votesmarttexas.com/.

  • Test the candidates’ morals and values.

  • Test their experience and track record.

  • Test their respect for the law. What kind of judge they’ve been.

  • See how they stack up against Judge Sid Harle for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5.

2.  Mark your calendar.

Feb 16Early Voting Begins.

Mar 1:   Election Day.


3.  Vote. 

Informed and armed with facts, cast your ballot.

Do these three things and you’ll know you not only want justice, you’ve done your part to get justice. For yourself and for others.



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