The Esperanza Market – a new organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Central America


Support a new organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Central America and be entered into a drawing to win an all-inclusive Costa Rican Yoga Retreat at the same time.




The Esperanza Market recently announced its Indiegogo campaign concentrating on raising money to donate 200 solar-powered lights to children in Nicaragua  living without electricity About a third of the population in Nicaragua live without electricity. Some live off the electric grid, while others might have access to electricity, but can’t actually afford to use it. Families without energy rely on burning candles, wood or kerosene for light, which can be expensive, flammable and can cause poor air quality.




Esperanza Market will donate the first 200 solar lights to students at Education Plus Nicaragua in efforts to improve literacy and education by providing students with light to read and do homework once the sun goes down. Education Plus is in the Panatal barrio just outside Granada. The town has no paved roads, running water or electricity. About 70% of students dropout of school before graduating. Not being able to afford school supplies or study at home are the biggest reasons students do not make it through school.


Donate light and win (1)


Campaign supporters who donate $9, which equals one solar-powered light, will be entered into a drawing for a three-night all inclusive Costa Rican Yoga Retreat at Ama Tierra. There is no limited to the number of time supporters can enter.




Other campaign perks include travel magnets depicting life on the streets in Nicaragua,  handmade bags from Nicaraguan artisans or one of four great Central American Yoga Retreats from Peace Retreat Costa Rica, InanItah, Ahki Retreat and the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.


For more information or to donate please go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-esperanza-market.


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