DeflateGate or Deflated-Ego-Gate,what do you think?


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I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream!! Ahh, here we go!

Now how sad is it that we question everything these days, I will tell ya the question, next!

Deflate gate: Now, I don’t know the outcome of whether they did or didn’t deflate the football. And if you don’t what I am talking about its probably best. But this line of questioning by the opposite team that was slaughtered seems it hold less air than the football does.

I’m not even sure you can use the phrase anymore “ benefit of the doubt”  because, unfortunately, there’s more doubt these days then there is the benefit.  The only game you see use this kind of tactics is POLITICS. They question everything, and we believe nothing.

I could see the question being posed if the opposite team was tied, with two seconds to go, but not with a point difference that this game had, maybe they should question their abilities first.

But footballs are the hardest to tell if they are up to snuff.  I mean, with baseball, it would be called softball. Basketball dribbling would be a dribble; Tennis would be Badminton.

I say, we fill the balls with helium.  That’ll make the game a lot more interesting. A field goal will cover the field. A Hail Mary will be a hella ah  of a Mary.  But ultimately, we might just be better to hand out Band-Aids to the opposite team, to fix their bruised egos

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