Seahorses and Pipefish: Cousins of the Reef

by Susan Spann Most people recognize seahorses at once, almost instinctively. Their distinctive bodies and curled-up tails are familiar even to those who have never seen one in an aquarium or the wild. Pipefish are more unusual, and far less [...]

Bumblebees of the Sea

by Susan Spann I’m not only a mystery writer and ninja enthusiast–I’m also an avid aquarium keeper. As such, I often have the chance to share some things most people never see. In the coming weeks, my Saturday posts will sometimes [...]

Easter Lilies Are Poison to Pets!

The gorgeous lily makes its appearance each year, decorating church, home, and garden. I can’t have them in my house, though. I won’t to risk having an Easter lily anywhere near my cat Seren. For cats, the fragrant blooms can mean death. Many [...]

How to Brush Dogs Teeth

Do you brush your dog’s teeth? Does he have breath that’d knock over a moose? How do you manage Poochie’s dental care? Pungent pet breath goes beyond offending house guests; it signals the beginning of dental disease that’s [...]

How Cats Read

I have a new project. In an effort to streamline my work schedule and give myself more leisure time, I’ve decided to capitalize on Seren-Kitty’s ability to read and write. All cats know how to read. They simply sit on the page (or [...]

Valentines Day for Puppies

Magic runs to me with his ears down and tail a-wag, wanting attention. He rolls on his back for a tummy rub or brings me a treasured toy to share. How do your dogs show love…or do they? Dogs have well-known reputations as loyal, loving [...]

Curing Kitty Colds

Has the recent outbreak of flu, sinus infections and general creeping-crud attacked you this season? When I visited family over Christmas, one person was just getting over the flu, and two more came down with it while there, and a fourth got [...]

Newborn Puppy Development

What better time to revisit new puppy care and info (not to mention SQUEEE! cute pix!) than the New Year. Some of y’all know that I also write lots of puppy-licious content as the Puppies Guide site owner, and so I wanted to share some [...]

Newborn Kitten Development

Did you get a kitten over the holidays? Or maybe you rescued a bottle-baby orphan or are fostering a kitten for your local pet rescue. Here are a few things to keep in mind, but you’ll find a lot more detail in the kitten book, of course. When [...]