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Personal Power

  PERSONAL POWER By Vicki Hinze   We all have personal power.  At times, we feel our lives are out of control, as if we are helpless and maybe even hopeless.  We get trapped in the clutter of the reality we’ve created and we lose [...]

Everyone Dies. Does Everyone Really Live?

  Everyone Dies. Does Everyone Really Live? by Vicki Hinze Braveheart. Mel Gibson. In the movie his character commented that he didn’t want to die, but we all die. We don’t all really live. That was the first time I heard that comment [...]

Death and Grief

On Death and Grief By Vicki Hinze Everything has its season.  From the cradle, we know death is inevitable for all living things but we shun it, fight it, and do our best to not think about it most of the time.  But, as with all things, when [...]

Have a Career and a Life

HOW-TO HAVE A LIFE AND A CAREER By Vicki Hinze Time is tight.  It’s always tight.  Odds are, it will always be tight.  But if you want to do something, you’ll find time to do it the same way others do:  you’ll make time to do it.   I’ve [...]

The Summer is Over Blahs!

The Summer is Over Blahs By Vicki Hinze   Summer.  We all have things we associate with summer.  Fun.  Freedom.  Vacations and outdoor activities.  Swimming, biking, the beach, gardening—smelling the roses and their leaves and stems.   Some [...]


WRITING BOOKS:  DOES IT EVER GET EASIER?   By Vicki Hinze   When you mentor or assist other writers, you often get clusters of questions that all center on the same subject.  A recent cluster on writing has been, “Does it ever [...]


TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW by Vicki Hinze Elmore Leonard recently passed away.   I only met him once, but I learned a lot reading his books.  While he had many admirable traits, I learned one new thing about him after his death:  He didn’t [...]

Why a Writer’s Early Works are Most Original

   Why An Author’s Early Works are Most Original by Vicki Hinze   When an author first begins sharing his or her writing, s/he has most freedom in the writing.  There are no expectations to be met—none by a publisher, none [...]

Color Me Happy—Again and Again and Again

  Color Me Happy—Again and Again and Again By  Vicki Hinze   Inspiration can come at you from any direction, at any time, and in any form.  The thing isn’t whether or it will come, it’s whether or not we’ll notice it when [...]

Inspire Me! Part 6: Coping with Distractions

  Inspire Me! Part 6:  Coping With Distractions by Vicki Hinze   Regardless of your specific career, we’re all bombarded daily with distractions. We don’t need lectures on adult discipline, we need coping tools, and [...]